4 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name for a Website

4 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name for a Website

Tips for Choosing a Domain

The legal domain is mandatory if you want to have a personal blog with your own name, online shop, web or online-based startup. As a shop, a domain is the name of your shop. Without a domain, it means that your shop has no name. Then, how will people remember your name or business? Please check Tips for Choosing a Domain for detail

Domains can be obtained from providers at home and abroad, depending on the choice and availability of payment types. Discussion about what is a domain, you can read again in this article. Now, I will only discuss a few important things before deciding to buy a domain.

Choose a domain name that is easy to remember Tips for Choosing a Domain

The reason people are so easy to go back to the Kaskus forum and Detik news media is that their domain names, kaskus.com and detik.com are very easy to remember. Only one word but it has meaning. I am not asking you to get out of the context of your goal of creating a web, but whatever the purpose, try to keep the domain name easy for people to remember.


Some people try to be creative by using modern spelling which turns out that not everyone knows. You can be creative and modern, but don’t be naive. A standard sentence, easier for people to remember. It’s okay to use modern and slang words, but the word per word is better still in the standard order of both writing and pronunciation.

Make Sure Your Domain Doesn’t Contradict Norma Tips for Choosing a Domain

Indonesia consists of many islands, tribes, languages ​​, and religions. The same word in area A may have different meanings in area B. For example, the word “fishy” in many areas, including in the language, generally means rancid or unpleasant smell that usually comes out of fish or aquatic animals. But in Sunda, fish means sweet. I mean like that, make sure Tips for Choosing a Domain name you choose does not have different meanings for other people, especially in Indonesia, especially if the article contains elements of insult or ugliness.

Check Domain History

Finally, make sure the domain you are using does not have a bad history, for example, ex-indecent sites, scam sites, spam, fraud, money games and so on.

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